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             Rosa Mystica Foundation (RMF) was founded in 2015. RMF support a number of charities through volunteering our time, fundraising, or making a donation.Our focus is on supporting children, disabled & disadvantaged in the society and help them to integrate into society. 


We have active staff charity committees which donate time and resources to fundraising activities, where we can have the greatest positive impact and offer practical support, such as clothing drives and food collections.


Rosa Mystica Foundation is so named to  honour our Blessed Mother. Our Lady first identified herself as Rosa Mystica on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The name Rosa Mystica, sometimes known as Mystical Rose, is the name of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary- The Mother of Jesus Christ. It is associated with a famed Marian apparition connected with the religious Italian visionary, Pierina Gilli. 


Rosa Mystica Foundation embarks on the Noble Mission to spread love among the poor and bring them to mainstream of life to embrace Universal Brotherhood. The Foundation is dedicated to achieve extraordinary improvements in human life.



"A world in which every poor attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation".




“We give underprivileged children, disabled & disadvantaged  the love, resources, and knowledge they need to become all God calls them to be”.




TT Anto

Program Advisor

Aby Joyce

Co-founder & Event Coordinator

Cmdr. Jaison Thomas

Program Mentor

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     Please don’t throw away your unwanted items. If you can't make it down to one of our charity shops to donate your things we can collect them from your home for free. Time saving for you, life saving for us.

Book your home collection today by calling (+91) 940 0659 222 or send a  mail to

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