Welcome to Rosa Mystica Foundation



              Rosa Mystica Foundation (RMF) is a non- government humanitarian and development organisation working globally for the rights of every child, disadvantaged & unloved in the society. Child rights begin with safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster, conflict and traverse the life cycle: prenatal care for healthy births, clean water and sanitation, health care and education. Rosa Mystica Foundation also raises street children’s voices, and improves their lives. 


Disadvantaged people and children of the street lack emotional and psychological support of a family, and it’s our responsibility to give them support and help. Working with and for children through adolescence and into adulthood requires a global presence whose goal is to produce results and monitor their effects. Rosa Mystica Foundation also lobbies and partners with leaders, thinkers and policy makers to help all children and homeless realize their rights, especially the most disadvantaged.


The Foundation has been concentrating in the field of education and health of the poor and downtrodden in various ways. The Foundation has been collaborating with other agencies, both governmental and non- governmental towards bringing up the poor children, women and farmers towards the mainstream of life. The world is vast but human love is concise. Human beings should live in love and peace. To spread love one should understand the depth of love and motivate to perpetuate the love among all.


Furthermore, its support base has grown from a close circle of friends to an international network of individuals, corporations and agencies. Consequently, Rosa Mystica Foundation supporters have established foreign outlets in various countries such as Qatar, UAE, US and extended the visibility of the organisation across borders.

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